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(2019 Hatch) DAWN of AMERICAN CRYPTOLOGY 1900-1917.pdf2024-02-20 12:511.7MFile
2021_Amy_Butler_Greenfield_The_Woman_All_Spies_Fear_Code_Breaker.epub2024-06-22 00:0141.7MFile
2022_K_Ellison_and_S_Kim_editors_The_Networks_of_John_Matthews_Manly.pdf2024-05-10 13:127.8MFile
28SEP2018 HERBERT YARDLEY - HAS THE STORY CHANGED.pdf2024-04-22 17:05573.6KFile
4in1-en.pdf2024-05-05 18:4724.6MFile
4in1-ru.pdf2024-04-23 12:5025.8MFile
A. Phoenix - THE FRIEDMAN FRAUD.pdf2023-12-31 00:0015.5MFile
A. Phoenix - The_Secret_Hidden_and_Obscured_Relations.pdf2024-01-02 13:321.2MFile
Alain Decaux - Les Grands Mysteres Du Passe.pdf2024-04-26 23:40178.9MFile
Barry R. Clarke - Francis Bacon’s contribution to three Shakespeare plays (PhDThesis).pdf2023-12-31 00:004.5MFile
Barry R. Clarke - The Shakespeare Puzzle. A Non-esoteric Baconian Theory (2007).pdf2024-01-02 16:024.9MFile
Betsy Rohaly Smoot - Parker Hitt, The Father Of American Military Cryptology (2022).pdf2024-04-22 19:193.1MFile
Charlton Hinman - The printing and proof-reading of the first folio of Shakespeare. Vol 1.pdf2023-12-31 00:00385.9MFile
Charlton Hinman - The printing and proof-reading of the first folio of Shakespeare. Vol 2.pdf2023-12-31 00:00324.4MFile
Christensen, Chris (2013). Review of Memories of My Work at the Cipher Bureau of the General Staff Second Department 1930–1945 by Marian Rejewski. Cryptologia, 37(2), 167–174.pdf2024-04-21 01:0478.5KFile
Colin_Mackinnon_2005_William_Friedman's_Bletchley_park_diary.pdf2024-01-02 16:33116.6KFile
Craig P. Bauer. The new golden age of decipherment. Cryptologia 47(2), 97-100.pdf2024-04-22 22:24114.6KFile
Cryptologia 19 vol.4 pp.375-379.pdf2024-06-12 11:472.9MFile
Cryptologic Quarterly. 2015-01.pdf2023-12-31 00:0023.8MFile
Cryptologic Quarterly. 2017-03.pdf2024-04-21 02:3720.3MFile
Cryptologic Quarterly. 2019-01.pdf2024-04-22 17:185.2MFile
David Kahn - The Codebreakers (1968).pdf2023-12-31 00:0050.3MFile
David Kahn - The Codebreakers. The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet (scan).pdf2024-05-05 01:3278.6MFile
David Kahn - The Codebreakers. The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet.epub2024-04-23 14:109.5MFile
David Kahn - The Codebreakers. The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet.pdf2023-12-31 00:001.7MFile
David Kahn - The Reader of Gentlemen's Mail (2004).pdf2023-12-31 00:003.9MFile
David Sherman - Sources and methods for cryptologic history the William and Elizebeth Smith Friedman collections.pdf2023-12-31 00:00315.7KFile
David Sherman - The Codebreakers war. David Kahn, Macmillan, the government, and the making of a cryptologic history masterpiece.pdf2024-04-21 00:341.2MFile
David Sherman - The National Security Agency and the William F. Friedman Collection.pdf2024-04-18 00:55577.6KFile
David Sherman - William Friedman and Pearl Harbor.pdf2023-12-31 00:00143.6KFile
Deciphering Mary Stuart's lost letters from 1578-1584. Cryptologia (2023), 47(2), 101-202.pdf2024-04-22 22:188.5MFile
Decryption of historical manuscripts. The DECRYPT project. Cryptologia 44(6), 545-559.pdf2024-04-22 22:061.2MFile
Denniston, Robin (1994). YARDLEY'S DIPLOMATIC SECRETS. Cryptologia, 18(2), 81–127.pdf2024-04-22 20:205.8MFile
Dooley, John F. (2010). Was Herbert O. Yardley a Traitor. Cryptologia, 35(1), 1-15.pdf2024-04-21 01:56525.7KFile
ESF Interview with R.Clark, 1975.pdf2024-05-07 00:3121.2MFile
Elizabeth Winkler - Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies. How Doubting the Bard Became the Biggest Taboo in Literature (2023).epub2024-04-21 01:138.3MFile
Emily Thompson - The Soundscape of Modernity. Architectural Acoustics and the Culture of Listening in America, 1900-1933.pdf2023-12-31 00:0032.7MFile
Frances Amelia Yates - The Rosicrucian Enlightenment (1978).pdf2024-01-01 02:367.3MFile
From the Ground Up. American Cryptology during WWI.pdf2023-12-31 00:0096.5MFile
General Cartier - Un Probleme de Cryptographie et d'Histoire.djvu2023-12-31 00:0042.5MFile
General Cartier - Un Probleme de Cryptographie et d'Histoire.pdf2023-12-31 00:00218.3MFile
Henry, John - Knowledge Is Power-Icon Books Ltd (2017).epub2024-01-01 02:472.1MFile
Herbert O. Yardley. The American Black Chamber.pdf2024-04-22 22:42200.7MFile
Hiatt, Blanchard (1977). AGE OF DECIPHERMENT. Cryptologia, 1(2), 101–105.pdf2024-04-22 21:58435.6KFile
ICU.SPCL.MANLY.pdf2024-05-11 17:37374.2KFile
John F. Dooley - The Gambler and the Scholars_ Herbert Yardley, William & Elizebeth Friedman, and the Birth of Modern American Cryptology-Springer (2023).pdf2024-04-22 20:359.3MFile
John F. Dooley. History of Cryptography and Cryptanalysis. Codes, Ciphers, and Their Algorithms. Springer International, 2018.pdf2024-01-01 02:029.7MFile
John W. Kopec. The Sabines at Riverbank.jpg2024-03-05 12:061.8MFile
John W. Kopec. The Sabines at Riverbank.pdf2024-03-05 11:4121.6MFile
Kruh, Louis (1989). TALES OF YARDLEY SOME SIDELIGHTS TO HIS CAREER. Cryptologia, 13(4), 327–358.pdf2024-04-19 01:303.5MFile
Ladislas Farago. The Broken Seal.pdf2024-04-23 13:53216.1MFile
Manly Hall - The Secret Teachings of All Ages.pdf2023-12-31 00:0011.2MFile
NSA Friedman Documents.tar.gz2023-12-31 00:002.14GFile
Oakley, Howard T. (1978). THE RIVERBANK PUBLICATIONS ON CRYPTOLOGY. Cryptologia, 2(4), 324–330.pdf2024-01-01 21:16774.0KFile
Paolo Rossi - Francis Bacon. From Magic to Science - University of Chicago Press (1968).pdf2024-01-01 02:4115.2MFile
Robert A .Theobald - The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor.djvu2023-12-31 00:006.6MFile
Robin Denniston - Thirty Secret Years.pdf2024-04-18 01:1055.2MFile
Ronald Clark - The Man Who Broke Purple.pdf2023-12-31 00:00304.6MFile
Rose Mary Sheldon - The Friedman Collection Guide.pdf2023-12-31 00:003.2MFile
Stephen Budiansky - BATTLE OF WITS. The complete story of codebreaking in World War II.pdf2024-01-01 14:20290.4MFile
The Life and Work of Fredson Bowersby G. Thomas Tanselle.pdf2023-12-31 00:00968.1KFile
The New Codebreakers.pdf2023-12-31 00:0021.7MFile
The Reader of Gentlemen's Mail. Review by Robert G. Angevine (2005). The Journal of Military History, 69(1), 262–263.pdf2024-04-22 20:52315.5KFile
WFF & ESF - THE CRYPTOLOGIST LOOKS AT SHAKESPEARE (1955, HQ, OCR).pdf2024-06-30 22:09512.3MFile
WFF - Shakespeare, Secret Intelligence, and Statecraft.pdf2023-12-31 00:001.6MFile
William Boyd. The secret persuaders. The Guardian, 19 Aug 2006.pdf2024-01-01 01:5681.6KFile
Ален Деко - Великие загадки и тайны истории. Том 1.djvu2023-12-31 00:0014.7MFile
Андреев А., Бережков В. - Оккультисты Лубянки - 2006.pdf2023-12-31 00:0063.2MFile
Мэнли Холл - Энциклопедическое изложение символистской философии. (2005).djvu2023-12-31 00:0016.1MFile